Got to admit: Am tired of reading/sharing the contents of endless school reopening articles and the teachers suing and/or threatening to strike if forced to return in person, so…

This time around, am going with headlines only; they pretty much tell all you need to know school-wise this Labor Day, 2020:

  • “Teachers with COVID-19 Health Risks: Who Gets to Stay Home?” ~ Madeline Will
  • “Will Opening Schools Make the Pandemic Worse?” ~ Sarah D. Sparks
  • “Teaching in an Empty Classroom During COVID-19: Benefits and Drawbacks” ~ Mark Lieberman
  • “Betsy DeVos: Open Schools but Let Parents Choose Whether Children Attend” ~ Sarah D. Sparks
  • “Forget Self-Care for Teachers: We Are Fighting for Our Lives” ~ Justin Minkel, teacher
  • “New NEA President: We Are Not Going to Put Our Students at Risk for COVID-19” ~Madeline Will
  • “Pandemic Outbreaks Are Inevitable: What Should Superintendents Do When Kids and Teachers Start Getting Sick?” ~ Sarah D. Sparks
  • “Across the County, Teachers Rally for Safe Openings and Police-Free Schools” ~ Madeline Will
  • “Should I Choose My Life Over My Life’s Purpose?” ~ Allie Alejandra, teacher

You get the picture, so will wrap it up with columnist Marc A. Thiessen’s “Teachers Protesting School Openings Are Saying ‘I’m Not Essential’” and its closing paragraph:

“No profession is without risk in a pandemic. But plenty of Americans in higher-risk professions are showing up for work because they perform essential services. Most Americans consider what teachers do to be essential. Apparently, they give teachers more credit than they give themselves.”

Is he right?  ~ Carol