Columnist Christine Flowers leads her recent, “Removing Statue Won’t Change Hypocrisy,” with, “We have become a society that demands the utmost purity from our members. No flaws, no past errors, no gaffes in the distant past. We must all be like Caesar’s wife, completely beyond reproach.”

“Well,” she continues, “not all of us actually. Liberals are now the ones who make the social rules, and so the only ones who have to have a pristine resume are their philosophical enemies. This past week gave us the perfect example of that new normal, which very much resembles the old hypocrisy…”

Their latest target, as you can’t help but know, is songstress Kate Smith, best known for her rousing rendition of “God Bless America.” She was, by the way, also the Philadelphia Flyers’ good luck charm.

Note the past tense…

Thanks to an anonymous tip about racist lyrics she sang some 75 years ago, the team, in no time flat, took the the righteously outraged stand of cloaking Smith’s Wells Fargo Center statue in black and then carting her away.

Maybe they didn’t know that, in a 1945 speech, Smith said, “Race hatreds—social prejudices—religious bigotry—they are the diseases that eat away the fibers of peace… You and I must do it—every father and mother in the world, every teacher, everyone who can rightfully call himself a human being…”

Maybe they didn’t know that, also during WWII, she traveled some 530,000 miles and sold $600,000,000 in war bonds, prompting then President Franklin Roosevelt to say, “Kate Smith IS America.”

Or maybe they knew, but, since such details don’t fit the narrative of these “enlightened” 2019 finger-pointing days, they opted to cut “America’s songbird” down to size, thus pleasing all those other sinless folks out there happily casting stones…

Better duck.