123rf-education-21508154The U.S. Department’s continued support of charter schools–financial and otherwise–goes unabated. Last year, it chose to give $71 Million to Ohio through the Charter School Program despite evidence of fraud and other issues. Last month it released those monies, feeling justified because Ohio lawmakers passed a bill to overhaul its charter school law…

And now comes word that the department is doling out another $245 million to eight states and 15 charter schools to expand these so-called public institutions.

Among the beneficiaries of such largess–in other words, your tax dollars–are:

  • $58,454,516 to the Florida Department of Education
  • $30,498,392 to the Texas Education Agency
  • $27,329,904 to the California Department of Education
  • $24,447,229 to the Georgia Department of Education

As for those charter schools, their numbers include:

  • $29,799,050 to the KIPP Foundation in Consortium with KIPP Regions, California
  • $6,338,769 to IDEA Public Schools in Texas
  • $4,591,801 to the Democracy Prep Public Schools, N.Y.
  • $4,043,361 to Denver School of Science and Technology in Colorado

Meanwhile, to date and according to their own accounting, the U.S. Department of Education has already invested some $3 billion in charters and helping to start up 2,500 of them.

All that generosity, then, begs the question: Why not some of those dollars heading, instead, to such public school districts as those in Philadelphia and Chicago which are all but drowning in debt?