architectural photography of white house    1. A recent John Fritze USA Today piece headlines with “Biden Eyes High Court Panel,” and continued by saying he would proceed via a “bipartisan” commission to study Supreme Court reforms. At the same time, eight progressive organizations have joined to form the “Unrig the Courts” coalition, demanding:

  • An increase in the number of Supreme Court justices
  • An expansion of lower federal courts
  • The enactment of term limits for Supreme Court justices
  • Improved ethics and transparency requirements for justices
  1. With student debt now topping $1.7 trillion, Biden, in an piece, outlined his higher education plan, explaining that he will…
  • Make tuition debt-free only for 2-year community college students or those in high-quality training programs.
  • Forgive outstanding student debt for those who have been paying it back for 20 years.
  • Give $10,000 in student debt relief yearly for up to 5 years to those in “national or community service” jobs, such as teaching and non-profits.
  • Make those earning more than $25,000 directly pay 5% of their discretionary income toward their loans instead of the current 10%, and
  • Those earning $25,000 or less would not need to pay back the government at all and interest would not accrue.
  • Make DREAMERS (young, undocumented immigrants brought here as children) eligible for free 2-year educations, plus receive federal financial aid.
  1. House and Senate Democrats have reintroduced the PRO Act which would…
  • Advance union organization and collective bargaining rights by authorizing the National Labor Relations Board to levy fines against employers who violate workers’ rights and, on their own, overturn a workplace election.
  • Ensure that workers can participate in secondary boycotts and collect “fair share” fees.
  • Make it illegal to permanently replace striking workers.
  • Adopt California’s ABC Test giving union officials the power to force countless independent contractors into unions.
  • “Shut down Big Labor’s competitors by giving union bosses the power to drive merit-shop companies out of business.”
  • Reinstate the Obama-era “persuader rule,” making it hard for employees to hear both sides before voting on unionization.
  • Reinstate the Obama-era “joint employer” standard allowing for increased litigation.
  1. Four new Democratic bills in the works…
  • Statehood for Puerto Rico, D.C., and other territories.
  • The Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act directing the Attorney General to use the AFT to license and register “each firearm present in the United States” as introduced by Representative Sheila Jackson Lee.
  • A push for Biden to singlehandedly cancel federal student loans by Representative Ayanna Pressley and Representative Illhan Omar.
  • The FEMA Climate Change Preparedness Act allowing federal agencies to treat climate change as a national emergency as put forward by Representative Yvette Clark and Senator Ed Markey.
  • And from Senator Cory Booker, the “College Athletics Bill of Rights” granting the federal government oversight powers over college athletics, including…

    • The creation of a federal “Commission on College Athletes,” with the President appointing its members, each to receive $100 million taxpayer dollars over two fiscal years to enforce Booker’s bill, with the power to impose penalties, including suspending individual students and/or entire programs.
    • Allowing student athletes to market their names, images, and likenesses with few restrictions, with universities sharing 50% of their athletic program profits with student athletes.

With my many thanks and well wishes, Carol