About how children grow into hate-filled adults, Bosnian genocide survivor Amra Sabic-El-Rayess writes that  “… My research suggests the answer is in radicalizing education where extremist  narratives minimize the relevance of teachers. These narratives are deliberately constructed outside classrooms to appeal to disenfranchised youth who harbor grievances. Formal classrooms are replaced with teachings curated by informal mentors, influencers, and recruiters who project blame for individual and societal problems onto a targeted group that ultimately becomes the object of hate…”

Enter Critical Race Theory (CRT) sweeping across the country and into our classrooms. Its important terms include:

*** White privilege “refers to the various social, political, and economic advantages white individuals experience in contrast to non-white citizens based on their racial membership…”

*** Microaggressions “refer to the seemingly minute, often unconscious, quotidian [daily] instances of prejudice that collectively contribute to racism and the subordination of racialized individuals by the dominant culture.”

*** Institutionalized Racism “refers to the systemic ways the dominant society restricts a racialized individual’s or group’s access to opportunities…”

*** Social construction “refers to the notion that race is a product of social thought and relations. It suggests that race is a product of neither biology nor genetics, but rather a social invention.”

*** Intersectionality & anti-essentialism “refer to the notion that one aspect of an individual’s identity does not necessarily determine other categories [race, gender, sexuality, nationality, etc.] of membership…”

And it’s taking hold.

Take for example, North Carolina’s Wake County Public School System’s recent “equity training” session. Daily Wire’s Chrissy Clark explains that it started off with “land acknowledgement” whereby the teachers are working/teaching on stolen Native American land. Moving on to white parents being a barrier to social justice, there’s this from the training materials: “What do we do with parents pushback? White parent’s children are benefitting from the system. They are perceiving that they are going to lose something. Fear of loss. Hard to let go of power/privilege.” (Punctuation errors left intact)

Meanwhile over in Clark County, Nevada, biracial William Clark, a senior, has sued Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy in federal court “for subjecting him to the social justice curriculum that he says has violated his belief that all people are created equal in the eyes of God.”

Accordingly, he has been labeled an “oppressor” because of his Christian faith and every day hears his teacher, Ms. Kimberly Crenshaw, greet her students as “my wonderful social justice warriors.”

For refusing to do such coursework as “Racism = prejudice + power… Therefore, people of color CANNOT be racist,” she gave him a D-, marring his transcript and college hopes.

Said the charter school: “This coursework leads to students’ capstone Change the World project–an opportunity to put lessons about activism and community engagement into practice.”

~ With thanks and well wishes, Carol