Countless billions, countless corporate & politically-motivated reforms, countless standardized tests and the result: According to a recent Education Trust study, just 8% of our high school students actually complete a curriculum that prepares them well for college and/or the workplace–and even fewer end up with grades that suggest mastery of those courses. On top of all that…

  • Just 31% of students completed a college-ready curriculum of 4 years of English, 3 years each of math, science, and social studies, and two years of a foreign language.
  • 13% completed a career-ready sequence of three one-year courses that focus on one particular field, such as health science.
  • 8%, as said, completed both requirements.
  • 47% completed none or “no cohesive curriculum.”

And when it comes to kids from low-income families:

  1. 53% completed “no cohesive curriculum” vs. 40% of more well-to-do students.
  2. 7% completed a curriculum that prepares them well for both career and college vs. 10% of more well-to-do students.
  3. 52% of Latino students ended up with a cohesive course of study vs. 45% of African-American students and 45% of whites.

Worse yet, the researchers concluded that students are just “meandering toward graduation,” picking up credits rather than skills and a solid knowledge base. Not just that, but, along with that conclusion, they also found that an additional 14% of students are not well-prepared for life after high school!