As reported in Education Week, here’s a brief look at the latest SAT’s”

  • 36% of the class of 2019 took the SAT on a school day vs. 43% of the 2019 class.
  • The class of 2018’s mean SAT score was 1068 vs.1059 for the class of 2019.
  • 47% of the class of 2018 met college-readiness benchmarks vs. 45% of the 2019 class.

Meanwhile, male students reportedly did better than females, mostly thanks to higher math scores. Females performed slightly higher in reading and writing.

As for achievement and the achievement gap:

  • Asian students scored 1223 on a scale of 1600, with 75% considered college ready.
  • White students averaged 1114 in total, with 57% considered college-ready.
  • Latino students’ average score was 978, with 29% college-ready.
  • Black students averaged 933, with 20% prepared for college.
  • 27% of Pacific Islanders, and 18% of Native Americans are prepared for higher education.

This despite the billions of education reform dollars, many designed by politicians, not educators, including the Obama/Duncan $4.35 billion Race to the Top grant competition, the Common Core Standards and their aligned tests, school choice, vouchers, and, of course, classroom technology.

With thanks to Education Week and you… ~ Carol