Endorsements and Reviews

On Getting School-Wise: A Student Guidebook:

“Practical and well-organized, Getting School-Wise is an excellent investment for parents of children working their way through middle school. Armed with this guidebook, the parent has an arsenal of ideas and techniques for enhancing the school experience.”

—Paula Buermele, Amazon.com Reviewer

On Ready-to-Use ESL Activities for Every Month of the School Year:

“I am an ESL teacher. The district I work in supplied us with this book. It is an excellent book full of useful ideas. My students find the book a great help. I use the stories to teach them new vocabulary, help them with their prounciation and allow to enjoy themselves while learning. Great book! I encourage everyone to check it out!”

—Patricia Quintero

“This book has many creative ideas to use with ESL students. The projects do not require much preparation. They are easy and the students enjoy them. Information such as short stories are easily understood. The best part of all is that the activities are organized by month. This book is a good resource for the ELL teacher.”

—Luis A. Meneses

On Other-Wise and School-Wise: A Parent Guidebook:

“There is always that one invaluable book that we go back to time and time again. The book that inspires and motivates in ways that reach our hearts and minds. Carol Josel’s books and her twenty-eight plus years of experience cannot be duplicated nor her passion suppressed. Her books are not just a technical guide to increase academic achievement, “Other-Wise and School-Wise” warmly meet the challenges parents face on all fronts.”

—R.J.K. Kendle

“This definitive and unique aspect of child rearing brings a touch of reality in with a combination of knowledge of the system and past experiences. With topics such as Manners, Motivation, Test Taking & Cheating, and Homework as just a few of the main categories discussed, Carol Josel uses her past experience and expertise in the field to help you give your child direction and definition in life.”

—Beverly Pechin for Reader Views

“. . . I found the chapters on studying and taking tests particularly helpful and also appreciated an insightful chapter on cheating.  The educator’s viewpoint, as well as the parent’s, is effectively represented.  Each chapter in this excellent compilation of ideas, techniques, and discussion starters offers high quality, practical information. . . I highly recommend Other-Wise and School-Wise as a must-have resource for anyone involved in raising or educating children today.  It has an easy-to-reach place on my bookshelf.”

—Paula Buermele, reviewer for BookPleasures and author of The Dream Catcher Tour

Here’s what some folks are saying about The School-Wise Newsletter:

  • “I wanted to tell you that, as a student teacher working on a lesson plan, your page was a great resource of information.” ~ Crystal F.
  • “I continue to enjoy both The School-Wise Newsletter and your Montco Examiner articles. They’re jam-packed with information and resources that I can use both personally and professionally. What fabulous work you’re doing!” ~ Stacy S.
  • “As always, I’m totally impressed by you and your newsletter! I’ve continued to forward it to staff and include it in my weekly updates to parents. Hopefully, they’ll end up signing up on their own!” ~ Denise E.

And on my presentations:

  • “Your common sense approach to the teaching of writing is so refreshing. Thank you for giving me a broader view of the need to revise, revise, revise.” ~ Donna Q.
  • “Just wanted to let you know that your session was the best one I attended on Thursday. You were so inspirational, knowledgeable, and motivating. I loved hearing you present the information. Keep up the good work.” ~ Judy C.
  • “Thank you for the wonderful presentation! I was floundering with my instruction on introductions, and then I walked into your session. I was so excited when I left that I called my husband and shared your ideas.” ~ Ann L.
  • “I would love to be put on your mailing list. Since your workshop, I have already used many techniques discussed in your session. Thank you so much for the great session; I will email you if I have any questions.” ~ Jessica D.
  • “I would LOVE for you to sign me up for the e-newsletter. We are actually putting together a student skills/academic success program for 9th graders. I plan to use the information from yesterday’s session and may look into having you consult with us further. Yesterday was awesome. You are an amazing, energetic, interesting presenter! I found a lot of things I plan on using here.” ~ Lori S.