Education Reform-Related Quotes

January 25th, 2016

** “No area of human effort is free from bad ideas and mistaken theories, but the quest to ‘reform’ public education is particularly awash in misguided convictions. Concepts like ‘merit pay,’ the scapegoating of teachers, and the alleged superiority of charter schools manage to stay alive as policy options despite clear proof that they don’t work.” ~ Michael Mulgrew, president, United Federation of Teachers

** “The latest study from CREDO shows that online charters are a disaster and kids actually make no progress at all in math in a year of ‘instruction.’ Then there is the big bet on teacher evaluation by test scores. It has fallen flat everywhere. No one can say with assurance that the test scores weed out bad teachers and identify the best…” ~ Diane Ravitch, education historian

** On the end of No Child Left Behind & the ushering in of ESSA: It is “the end to our national nightmare and beginning of something much better for kids.” ~ Lily Eskelsen Garcia, president, National Education Association

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