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It’s a Matter of Time: Make More of It Count

25/01/2015   |   No Comments »

“Time is opportunity flying by,” wrote eighth grader April, and she got it so right. Time does, indeed, fly, as we continually hear ourselves saying that we’ve run out of it or never had enough of it in the first place. And yet so much of it is wasted.

In fact, says Lifehack, here’s where too many of our hours are going:
1. Facebook
2. Photo-taking, organizing, uploading, and posting
3. Computer game playing
4. TV and watching movies on TV
5. YouTube
6. Reading mindless books
7. Commuting
8. On-line shopping

Do you agree? One item that also made the Lifehack list of time wasters was Read the rest of this entry »

How E-readers and Tablets Stack Up Against Bound Books

08/01/2015   |   No Comments »

123rf_ereaders_15870135Back in 2012, a New York Times’ headline led off with, “The Bookstore’s Last Stand,” and went on to illuminate the trials of the last big-standing bookstore, Barnes & Noble. Its storied history speaks for itself.

Back in 1873, one Charles Montgomery Barnes went into the used book business in Wheaton, Illinois before    eventually taking his company to Chicago where he sold both new and used books. In 1894, it morphed into the C.M. Barnes Company and dealt solely with school books. But then, in 1902, son William sold his interest in the company, headed to New York, and acquired an interest in educational bookseller Noble & Noble. It was soon renamed Barnes & Noble, with William staying on until 1929. Despite his ultimate departure, the name stuck, and, as I said, the rest is history.

But its very existence is now in doubt, dating back to November, 2007 when Amazon’s Kindle arrived on the scene, putting books onto screens and giving bound versions and booksellers a run for their money. Case in point: Borders’ 650 stores tanked in 2011, and now Barnes & Noble hovers near the edge, these days marketing its own e-reader, the Nook, and stocking its shelves with games and toys, too, in order to stay afloat.

As for e-readers and tablets, a recent Kids & Family Reading Report from Scholastic found that some 46% of children have read Read the rest of this entry »